Welcome to Superhero Service Training

Superhero Service is a special kind of service training. 

It’s fun and aspirational, and it will transform your staff faster than a speeding bullet. They will leap over tall buildings to take care of your Guests.

When you bring Superhero Service training to your property, not only will your staff gain skills and abilities that will benefit you today, but this training will benefit them for years to come.

We are the Phone Booth!

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Use us to turn your staff into a team of Superheroes!


Ready To Get Started?

What We Do:

We provide training that enables the people working in hotels to deliver a WOWsome! experience to every Guest, during every interaction, through a framework we call Superhero Service.

How We Do It:

Superhero Service training is a fun and aspirational, and there is literally no faster way to communicate the service mindset you’re looking for to everyone on your team.

This training will elevate and empower your team, and it will improve your Guest’s experience at every touch-point throughout their stay on day one.

We provide both in person training and (soon) online courses for every level, from New Hires to Senior Management.

Why It Works:

Superhero Service training is transformational!

We help the service provider understand that they possess the six primary human characteristics of every Superhero. This bolsters their self-confidence and brings a laser focus to satisfying the needs of their Guest.

Superhero Service training instills the mindset that it’s one’s duty to satisfy the Guest. But sometimes a bit of creativity is needed in order to get it done without violating any policies.

This training gives your people the tools they need to make it happen… every time.

Who We Work With:

Hotel General Managers, Department Heads, and Frontline Service Providers.

What Others Say:

“Eric’s way of training, using the Superhero metaphor, just makes so much sense. It’s current, fresh, and relevant; it was easy for my team to relate to it.
Andrew Maffei, General Manager, Hotel Modera, an OLS Property
“Eric is driven, knowledgeable, and very passionate about the Guest experience. His formal training sessions developed our new hires into top performers.”
Gary Gutierrez, Assistant Front Office Manager, Omni Hotels & Resorts