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SquareShot 2014I often see service providers shrug their shoulders and say, “Well I gave them great service, I don’t know why they’re upset.” What they mean is they smiled (check), they were polite (check), and they said all the things they were supposed to say (check), but somehow it didn’t work this time.

Providing great service isn’t a matter of luck. It doesn’t just happen, and it certainly isn’t the result of checking off all the right boxes. If a service provider doesn’t connect with their customer, no amount of smiles will help.

If you want happy customers (and who doesn’t), then you need to shift your mindset. Stop focusing on the service you and your team provide to your customers, and instead concentrate on the experience they have when they deal with you.

If you’d like help developing strategies that will improve the experience your business delivers to your customers, then click the button to the right.

As a Consultant…

I consult with small business owners and managers from a variety of different industries, strategizing ways to help them improve the experience they provide to their customers.

Skype Consultation

Let’s talk about your business and develop some strategies that will help. In a one hour call we will discuss your goals *And Send (1000k)and develop some strategies that will help move you in the right direction. We can also discuss some actionable tactics that if implemented will help you move forward. This call is designed to help you develop a blueprint and lay a foundation that will enable you and your team to improve your customer’s experience in this new paradigm.

In Person Assessment

I’ll spend an entire day (or more at your discretion) with you in your place of business. As in the Skype call above, we’ll discuss your goals, and develop some strategies and tactics that will help you achieve them.

But by being in your shop, I’ll have an opportunity to interact with your team and your facilities and watch, first-hand, your customer’s interactions. This, combined with a study of your online reviews, will allow me to give you an analysis of the experience your customer is actually having when they do business with you.

We can then brainstorm ways to improve that experience which will make your customers happier, and will raise your online reviews. this whole process will get you closer to achieving your goals. I’ll leave you with an action plan filled with steps you’ll be able to take that will have a positive and lasting impact on your customer’s experience.

If you’d like your team to deliver a better experience to your customers, and would like to talk to me about putting on a seminar for them, then click the button and we can get started.

As a Trainer…

I train teams of front line service providers revealing the secrets that result in the mindset shift from a service focus (what we give) to an experience focus (what your customer receives).

Bring me in for a day long seminar, or a week long intensive. I’ll spend time with your team and, in a relatable and entertaining way, I’ll walk them through a step-by-step process that will:Explaining

  1. Help them identify roadblocks that have kept them from delivering sensational service.
  2. Show them the one thing required in order to deliver an exceptional experienced.
  3. Help them understand the secret behind successful service recovery.
  4. Show them how to work as a team to support one another and hold each other accountable for delivering a great experience to your customers.

By the end of our time together your team will understand and be able to implement new behaviors that will improve your customer’s experience that day. We will also begin to implement a culture shift in your business that will make it easier for your team to provide sensational service going forward.

Next Step…

If you think I might be able to help you, your team, click the button below. You’ll be taken to a form that will help me understand your needs. This way I can start to work even before we talk, and when we do talk, we can hit the ground running.

If you don’t know the answer to some of the questions, that’s okay, but the more information I have about you and your company from the start, the better I’ll be able to help you.Smile 1000

Please click the button now so we can get started. I look forward to meeting you and strategizing with you to improve your customer’s experience.